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21OCT18 - Spent the better part of the last four days detailing the white truck to get her ready for sale. It was a lot of work but she sure looks better.
08OCT18 - Here's a photo of the new drone I picked up recently and..'s what it looks like with a neon oranage wrap alond with some extra touches.
Closeup of the front.
Added "REWARD" and my phone number.
I put her name on the front leg and her FAA number on the other.
Finished up with the traditional Navy aircraft emblem.
Two final shots of the entire aircraft.
Ain't she cute? :-)
Didn't like the last mouth, tried a few more, and settled on this one.
05OCT18 - Took the new drone out to The Island today to see if I could get close to the closed Schlitterbahn complex. I did, and it was a good spot. Here are a…