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This is the area I chose for the shower, inside the "L" of the weird sidewalk that to this day, we're not sure what the "L" was for.
Unfortunately, in my wasted, stressed state of the Remodeling project, I didn't think when I bought the PVC pipe and wound up not using CPVC for the hot feed. …
Returning from the lumber yard with materials.
A better shot of just how much lumber is required.
Then, it was time to remove the sod and thanks to the pups, we had a few bare spots in the lawn so we were able to use about a third of the sod for that. The…
My dedicated assistant taking a break in the 90+ degree heat and we're about half done with the sod removal.
Finally, we got it all out.
This is the portable shower from Sam's that I had been using for quiet some time. Cold water only though.
Digging is finished and time to get some railroad ties and gravel so off we went to the big nursery in town.
Then we had to lower the level another 4 inches or so overall and, dig a 20-inch box about four foot square beneath the shower itself to keep the water from…