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Our first full-size pickup, a 1996 Dodge Ram.
A shot from above our little apartment in Pensacola while going through flight training.
After I sold the 'Cuda, I bought this 1970 Triumph Bonneville.
Vehicle #4, a 1973 Toyota Celica ST. The photo was taken on a back road outside College Corner, Indiana while attenting school at Miami University in Oxford,…
Jen's first caddy, a three-year old 1996 STS.
My first car, a 1961 Chevy Belair. First engine rebuild too and also put in a new interior.
Car #5, a 1977 Datsun 280Z that Jen took delievery of for me while I was at AOCS during the summer of 1977. She kept it in my grandma's garage (shown here)…
Broke down and bought a new truck. It's a Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4 King Ranch with the 6.0L diesel.