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One of the ships from Naval Station Englside was returning to port down the ship channel next to where we were standing so I grabbed a shot.
Of course, a visit here wouldn't be complete without some handgunning and I spent a couple afternoons schooling Al on IDPA rules and procedures so he could…
21NOV06 - One of my best friends from work, Al Glynn, and his wife, Deb, who live in Phoenix called us a few weeks ago and out of the blue, asked if we'd like…
Of course, we had to take them down to the USS Lexington museum where we strolled about and took in the mini-IMax movie.
And, one of Jen and Deb in the brig.
Grabbed a shot of the Harbor Bridge from the deck of the old Blue Ghost.
Managed to get him to stand still long enough for a posed shot. :-)
We also took them down for the King Ranch tour and here you see Al telling the girls something about the Praying Mantis he spotted on a Live Oak tree outside…