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24AUG13 - The hexacopter Collin bought after having so much fun with the smaller helo in the photo that we bought while he was visiting this summer.
05SEP14 - Sold my old golf cart to a shooting buddy and had this one built at a cart place in San Antonio. It's a factory remanufactured 2012 Club Car Precedent…
And this is my first attempt at multi-color vinyl decals after my friend Chris gave me his 30" Graphtec plotter/cutter to use.
12SEP14 - I redesigned a couple previous decals and added some GT-500 decals along with the double white racing stripe on the hood.
14SEP14 - Discovered that I had some silver gray vinyl in the starter pack I bought so I decided to try and recreate the metal cobras on the sides and front of…